Thursday, January 11, 2007

I've relocated

With just a couple of posts to go until I hit one hundred, I've moved to self-publishing. The blog got a new name, host and address. (And re-vitalization, I hope.)

Please update your bookmarks to

Friday, January 05, 2007


With a new year upon us, I've looked at my blogs with a fresh eye. This one has a bunch of things I need to consider:

There's the name. I regret it, since it's so obscure you can't tell at all what the blog's about. Initially I thought I didn't care about readers, but it looks like you can reach a reasonable audience these days, and now the name feels like dead weight. Then again, there are sites like, which obviously don't have any problems because of their obscure name. I can't just change it, though, because -

- although I'd like to, I can't just relocate. I have my own web space these days, over at I've spent quite a bit of energy promoting the blog, getting links and some readers, and it would largely be for naught if I changed my URL or name. It'd easily be a year's work all over again. (I just got accepted for Text Link Ads, which took several months after the initial rejection.)

It would be so easy to set up a blog software over at my webhost and a domain doesn't cost much, if I wanted a new name (which I do). I'm quite frustrated by Blogger's limitations; simple layout changes are a pain to do.

Then there's the whole Blogger image to consider; I know I consider Blogger blogs less worthwhile than ones you've set up on your own. Of course it shouldn't matter next to the quality of writing, but it does.

I'm not sure what I'll do. I know I'm a lot more proficient with the whole blogosphere these days, maybe I could get off from the ground a lot faster this time, but hmmm. Maybe I'll relocate my life blog first and see how it goes technically.

Probably because of this uncertainty I've got some drafts waiting for completion; usually I post immediately.