Saturday, February 25, 2006

Eurogamer TV

My gaming site of choice, Eurogamer, has launched an interesting service, dubbed Eurogamer TV. Eurogamer is my favorite because they've kept a check on how much clutter the user can appreciate, because they write well (most of the time, at least), because they're Euro-centric and because there's a good overall feel to the place.

I know the other gaming sites (Gamespot, what have you) also host trailers and the occasional video review. The thing is, Eurogamer TV's layout is easy to read, they've collected all sorts of "specials", such as short developer interviews, and most importantly: they're using just Flash to display the content. No need for downloading video files, no additional plugins, no worries about video formats and players. I'm always interested in viewing game trailers, but I really can't be bothered to hunt them down from various sites, much less lose any sleep over Quicktime not working, again.

I had to add a few games to my waiting list because of Eurogamer TV. Lost Planet's mecha action seems sweet indeed, as does Hellgate London's demon vanquishing.

Update: yes, I know there are alternatives to Apple's own Quicktime player. I can't get the alternatives to work, either.

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