Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I was tidying up my hard drive and throwing out old junk, when I came across some wallpapers I did a few years back. I'm putting them up here, should anyone wish to use them.

Of course I feel an urge to make them better, but luckily for me I can't, because I think I've lost the original files.

I haven't done computer graphics like this in years. Some years ago I used to make posters and stuff, along with new personal homepage layouts every other month. I think I'm better off without. Although just recently I found my meager Photoshop skills in high demand at work, although I shouldn't need that know-how in my normal duties.

This stuff is actually somewhat videogame-related. The woman in the close-up is from a Silent Hill title, the woman with the green background is from Dead Or Alive. I'm not sure, but some of the backgrounds and effects are likely to be heavily distorted videogame views, too.

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