Monday, August 14, 2006

Google Analytics data

I've been using Google Analytics for around half a year now. Here are some statistics - likely none of you are that interested in them, but since I gathered them for my own use anyway, here you go:

43% use Firefox, 38% Internet Explorer, 10% Safari, 5% Opera. I'm a Firefox user myself, but I have to say that Opera 9 is a sweet browser. I just might switch one day.

75% are Windows users, 22% Mac geeks and 2% on Linux. Nothing surprising here.

The vast majority use the relatively small resolution of 1024 x 768 (45%), but this is explained by the increasing numbers of laptops people have. The next most favored resolution is 1280 x 1024 with 18%. 1440 x 900 (never heard before!), 1152 x 864 (I've got that at home), 1280 x 800 and somewhat surprisingly 800 x 600 are neck and neck at around 6% each. If you're using 800 x 600 and you're on IE, do try one of the alternative browsers - they're much easier on screenspace.

68% use computers that speak English, 22% use Finnish operating systems and there are five more exotic languages in there, too. All told, 48% come from Finnish IPs, 22% from the US 6% from the UK, and the rest are a sub-5% bunch, with Hungary leading the pack. Go Hungarians!

A whopping 98% have Java enabled. This is somewhat more than I've come to expect. Flash version 8.0 is used by 73%, while the newest 9.0 is used by over 10% (I hadn't even heard of v9 yet!). Older ones drag behind at a combined 6%, while 2% don't have Flash at all (Luddites!).

The real surprises here are the number of dialup users (over 13%) and those on corporate LANs (over 5%). For instance, our company site's visitors have under one percent of corporate-cabled users.

What I find encouraging is that the vast majority of visitors take a look at two or more pages when they stop by. Also, 21% of you come back for another round!

28% use direct links, suggesting I've been bookmarked or stored in history folders, 24% come from organic Google searches and 11% from Kotaku and Blogger are also noteworthy sources of referrals. Random hits generate from,, non-Google organic searches and Edge Online.

So there you go, my distinctively north-American and Scandinavian audience. Your interest is much appreciated!


Turkka Hynynen said...

One of those hungarians would be yours truly and possibly Tiina too.

I really do not know how big a chuck we take away from the real hungarians, since the IP here at hotel might be changing quite often. At least the computer loses its IP every now and then and won't get a new one without booting. Or is it the server assigning IPs that keeps losing the address since the repair connection function does not renew it...

Joonas said...

Yes, I figured as much. You don't explain it all, though, unless you visit more often than I'd imagine.

Kai said...

"1440 x 900 (never heard before!)"
That would be me as part of the 22% of your Mac-using readership. It's the native widescreen resolution of our 17" iMac.