Friday, December 16, 2005

A mobile experience

I'm typing this into my N-Gage (QD model, no sidetalking), eager to
find out if I can post on the go. If I can, well, expect to see
pointless, mercifully short posts from time to time. Indeed, I like
reading blogs on the phone, it's a good way to while away the daily
commute to work.

Edit: whee, it works. Sort of, the template still needs tweaking. Bonus information to make the post somewhat worthwhile: So what do I do with my N-Gage, game-wise? First and foremost, I play Dweller to kill off the random 15 minute wait. Here's a link for mobile phone browsers to the free download, it should work on most Java-enabled mobile phones. Dweller is a roguelike (as in, like Rogue, or the rather more famous Nethack), suitably simplified for mobile entertainment, and it kicks ass.

Also, I couldn't send email from my phone if it wasn't for Opera Mini. You can get this great Java application here, if you're using a phone browser. It runs Gmail and even better now that Google launched Gmail mobile, which is superfast, like.

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