Friday, December 16, 2005


Having downsized my old-school "personal homepage" at in spring 2005, I've sometimes longed for a forum to post random ramblings to. So here I am. I really wanted to go with the easiest possible solution, because I really don't want to lose myself building yet another sprawling website, thereby losing any free time I might otherwise have (been there, done that). Blogger couldn't be much simpler, and it seems to be the way of the world as of today.

The title, then. I wanted to reflect upon my physical location, which is Helsinki, Finland. 71 is the post code I use daily, being shorthand for 00710. And 78 is the year of my birth. 1978 also happens to be the year of Space Invaders, which is wholesomely appropriate: I'm all about videogames, and this blog will likely reflect that.


Joonas said...

But goddamn if I'm not already contemplating designing my own graphics to replace the Blogger-supplied ones. Oh well, at least the basic template is prebuilt.

Joonas said...

Bah, just spent 45 minutes trying to come up with a header graphic. I couldn't set it up so it'd display all nice within the template. So be it, at least the square motif of the premade graphics sits well with my taste. (As it happens, my first freeware shmup love, ABA Games' Noiz2SA features) heavily on the green squares.